The Dust One™ on the Job

Educated clients know that a professional dust control program is a must to keep the remodel livable. And thanks to the Dust One, this is now easier than ever.

We believe the Dust One is the simplest air scrubbing solution for residential contractors for two main reasons – unmatched portability and no more replacement filters. But, does it really work? In this article we take the Dust One into the field and put it to the test at a home remodeling site.

residential dust control, remodeling dust, negative air machineThe Dust One setup at the test site.

Our test site was a residential demolition job. The homeowner, Ben, wanted to remove some interior walls to create a larger space for a master bedroom. He planned to live in the residence throughout the remodeling process and was looking for a way to mitigate the dust.

"It's like a dust extractor for your sledgehammer"

Demolition jobs are a great candidate for the Dust One. This is because most tools used for the task lack a vacuum attachment, limiting your ability to prevent airborne dust. It's like a dust extractor for your sledgehammer. 

We showed up to the job site and put the Dust One to work. Setup is quick and easy. First, a custom vent hose is attached to the outlet of the unit. The vent hose is used to exhaust the filtered air outside the workspace. This provides a  negative pressure in the work area which helps mitigate dust contamination. The continual draw of fresh air through the workspace entryway prevents dust from leaving through this space as workers go in and out.

Once the vent hose was setup, the next step was to plug it in and flip the switch – it's that simple. The first thing Ben noticed was the Dust One’s quiet operation. It was easy to hold a normal conversation over the slight hum produced by the fan and soon we forgot the unit was even running. 

A worker uses a prybar to demo an interior wall while the Dust One removes airborne dust from the area.

Now that the Dust One was running, we started on removing the interior walls. It was easy for Ben to notice the reduction in airborne dust compared to days prior without the unit – “Without it there was so much dust in the air I kept sneezing”. With the unit running airborne dust was dramatically reduced and working conditions remained pleasant throughout the day.

“Without it there was so much dust in the air I kept sneezing”

As we worked, we found it was most effective to keep the Dust One in the general area of the heaviest demolition activities and then moved to hover over the garbage bin as debris was being thrown in.

The Dust One hovers over a debris bin and gathers the dust bellowing out.

The Dust One was repositioned as we moved around. This only took moments and became a natural part of the process. The noticeable reduction in airborne dust when the unit was nearby made it well worth it from a worker’s point of view.

After 4 hours we completed the day’s demolition task and opened up the collection bin at the base of the Dust One to see how much dust was captured from the air.

A look inside the collection bin after a half day of demolition.

As you can see, a thick deposit of dust was present in the collection bin after only a half day’s work. This amount of dust would have easily clogged a panel filter in a traditional air scrubbing unit. The Dust One’s collection bin’s capacity is equivalent to the capacity of dozens panel filters and only requires emptying every couple weeks, depending on usage.

A major drawback of traditional air scrubbers is that they require constant maintenance especially during a demolition or finishing day. You may even find yourself hauling out and setting up the unit only to discover that the filter is clogged and you have no more on hand to replace it. This is a frustrating story that has been told to me by multiple contractors. The Dust One eliminates this problem entirely by using cyclonic technology to filter the air. This means you will never have to replace a filter, and every time you turn the unit on it will function at full capacity.

Ben was pleasantly surprised by the Dust One’s performance and noted the improvement from previous days without it. While it did not completely eliminate all dust, it made a noticeable improvement to the working conditions and prevented dust from settling outside the work area in the livable space.

If you fall into the category of contractors looking to take their dust control plan seriously, the Dust One may be for you. The cost savings associated with it’s filterless design opens the door to many contractors that may have not previously considered an air scrubbing unit. And quite simply, it works. The Dust One will improve your working conditions in ways that dust barriers and vacuums can’t, while ensuring a new level of customer satisfaction.

Check out what we have to offer at our online store or contact us with any questions that we didn't answer in this post. We want to help you make the right decision when it comes to your dust control plan.



Written by Mitchell Frechette and published on 5/28/2020

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