The Dust One Helps With Drywall Finishing

In this article we take the Dust One into the field again and put it to the test at a drywall finishing job. To recap our previous article "The Dust One on the Job", the Dust One is the newest dust control tool for residential contractors. What makes it especially effective compared to traditional air scrubbers is the ability to direct the airflow exactly where you want it. In this article we show this unique feature in action and explain how the Dust One can effectively reduce dust during a drywall finishing job.

We used the exhaust hose to vent the Dust One to the outside and got to straight to work sanding the newly mudded ceiling. We moved the Dust One around while the ceiling was being sanded and the pictures can do most of the talking.

The Dust One gathers airborne dust during drywall sanding.

Here you can see the Dust One drawing in the airborne particles as the worker sands. The Dust One gathered the majority of the dust as it became airborne. Still, larger particles fell straight to the floor to be swept up at the end. The whole process took about an hour and a half and then we opened up the Dust One to see how much airborne dust was captured.

The collection bin after an hour and a half of drywall sanding.

Once again, the dust captured was equivalent to the full capacity of a panel filter. This is all dust that otherwise would of settled in the residence or entered a workers lungs. By gathering it from the air, the Dust One noticeably improved working conditions and clean up times. Dust simply didn’t linger in the air as it normally would and settled dust was dramatically reduced. The residence was owned by a project manager for a construction company. Overall, he was impressed by the Dust One’s performance and offered a positive product review.

As you see in this article, the Dust Ones ability to direct the airflow exactly where you want it is a huge step above traditional air scrubbing units. By utilizing every bit of airflow where it is most effective, the Dust One outperforms other air scrubbing options on the market and makes it a great choice for a range of home remodeling tasks.

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Written by Mitchell Frechette and published on 5/28/2020

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