Now Accepting Pre-Orders for The Dust One+ — Orders Ship Fall 2022

The Dust One+ Starter Kit
The Dust One+ Starter Kit
The Dust One+ Starter Kit

The Dust One+ Starter Kit

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Pre-order The Improved Dust One+

The Dust One+ has all the great features of our original unit with an additional 50 CFM of airflow.

Pre-order now to guarantee delivery during Fall 2022. Your payment, which will be processed at checkout, can be refunded at any point prior to the ship date by contacting customer service.

The Complete Package

See individual product pages for full descriptions. 

The Dust One+ Starter Pack starter pack comes with everything you need to start controlling airborne dust at the jobsite. Save $75 when compared to purchasing each item separately.


  • The Dust One+ Cyclonic Air Scrubbing Unit
  • Custom Exhaust Hose

The exhaust hose is highly recommended for most remodeling tasks. Proper ventilation creates a negative pressure and prevents exhaust air from disturbing settled dust in the workspace.