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The Dust One+
The Dust One+
The Dust One+
The Dust One+
The Dust One+
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The Dust One+

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Pre-order The Improved Dust One+

The Dust One+ has all the great features of our original unit with an additional 50 CFM of airflow.

Pre-order now to guarantee delivery during Fall 2022.  Your payment, which will be processed at checkout, can be refunded at any point prior to the ship date by contacting customer service.

More Effective Than a Traditional Air Scrubber

The Dust One+™ is the newest dust control tool for residential contractors. It's lightweight design and MemoryForm™ air inlet provides a more effective solution than traditional air scrubbers. It's large 3" casters and 30 lb weight allows you to easily maneuver the unit where you need it. Then use the MemoryForm™ air inlet to get even closer to the action.

These unique features allow the Dust One+ to effectively remove more airborne dust throughout the home renovation process than other air scrubbing units. Place the unit near a wall you are demolishing, or over a garbage bin for example. Compare this to a traditional air scrubber that is often in the center of the room sitting on the floor.

Eliminate Filter Costs 

Our patent-pending cyclonic design eliminates the need for a filter. This will save you $1000's per year. Filters on a traditional air scrubber typically need to be changed daily, costing $20 to $30 per day to operate. We plan to make dust control on the jobsite more accessible to contractors by eliminating this cost.

Another main advantage cyclones have over traditional filter media is that they do not clog over time. This means you can expect the same airflow every time you turn the unit on. No more worrying about changing the filter or running out of replacements.

OSHA Compliant

Our cyclonic technology removes 99% of airborne dust down to 3-micron. The fact is, construction dust is generally very large compared to normal indoor air quality and can be easily captured with cyclonic technology.


Want to know more about construction particles? Read our Special Report.


Three Operation Modes

The Dust One+'s three modes allow for a more effective experience than any filter based air scrubbing unit on the market.

1) Source collection - The MemoryForm™ inlet is unmatched by filter based air scrubbing units. This unique feature adds the ability to capture airborne dust near its source. The MemoryForm inlet is easily molded to whatever shape you desire and stays put. This allows you to place the inlet near where the most dust is being generated. Place near the top of a garage can bellowing drywall dust during demolition for example. 

2) Ambient Collection - The Dust One+ can filter dust from the ambient air like any other scrubbing unit. Simply place the Dust One+ in the center of the workspace and turn it on. The 300 cubic feet per minute flow rate is 4 times more than an average shop vac and can exchange the air in an average bedroom in under 4 minutes. This means a better experience for them and less clean up for you.

3) Negative Pressure - Vent outside to create a negative pressure in the workspace. This prevents dust from migrating to other parts of the residence and annoying your clients. While in negative pressure mode, the Dust One+ will also mitigate smells and fumes associated with paint and finish. 

Error Free Operation

The Dust One+'s large dust collection bin has a dust holding capacity that equals dozens of disposable filters. And since you won't have to change any filter's, you won't have to worry about pesky error codes either.

Quiet operation allows you to easily work around the unit all day. At 55 db, it's 10 times quieter than a typical shop vac.