Exhaust Duct

Exhaust Duct

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This exhaust duct is used to vent the exhaust air outside the work space. Simply connect the custom designed hose to the outlet of the Dust One and vent outside a window for negative pressure mode. Read the science to understand the importance of negative pressure in the work space.

The hose is compressible, lightweight, and made from a durable PVC vinyl coated polyester fabric. A spring steel wire helix adds strength and flexibility.

To Use

1) Simply attach to the outlet of the Dust One with the included quick release clamp.

2) Position the other end of the Exhaust Duct outside a window and close the window just enough to hold the duct in place.

3) Seal the remaining opening in the window with cardboard or poly. This ensures a negative pressure in the work space.


Length 20 ft.
Diameter 8 in.
Material  PVC vinyl coated polyester fabric
Flame Resistant Yes
Quick Release Clamp Included