Frequently Asked Questions

The Dust One is for sale through our website only. You will not find the Dust One in any store or through any other online retailer.
The Dust One is designed specifically to remove particles generated during residential remodeling tasks. The cyclonic technology is effective at removing silica, wood, ceramic, stone, and other construction related airborne particulates generated during cutting, sanding, and demolition.
Yes, the Dust One can be vented outside to create a negative pressure in the work space. Easily attach the custom exhaust duct and vent through a door or window. Negative pressure helps to prevent dust from leaving the work space and diminishes the smell of finish and other fumes.
The Dust One™ will remove up to 99.5% of construction dust down to 3 micron (μm). Compare this to drywall dust (5 - 50 μm), pollen (10-1000 μm), or smoke (0.01 - 4 μm). Also, the Dust One’s outlet can be vented outside to add additional protection and to create a negative pressure in the work zone.
No, the Dust One is not recommended for mold and mildew restoration projects. Although the Dust One’s cyclonic technology is ample for removing mold & mildew spore particles, it is not recommended to remove odors related to mold and mildew. The musty smell originates from Microbial Volatile Organic Compounds (MVOCs), or gasses released by the mold. It is recommended that you use a system equipped with an activated carbon filter for these types of projects.
Dusty air from the workspace is drawn into the Dust One. The swirling motion of the air within the unit results in a centripetal force on each entrained dust particle. This causes the dust particles to be thrown against the inner wall of the cyclone. The particles are then collected by gravity into an easy to empty bin at the base of the unit.
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We stand by the Dust One. If you are not satisfied, for any reason, please return the unit within 30 days for a full refund. Please CONTACT US prior to a return for additional information.
The Dust One stands at 48” tall, with large handles conveniently located at the user's waist. The base has a diameter of 22” which allows for easy transport while providing ample sturdiness. The unit weighs 25 lbs. and has large 3” casters at its base. This allows for unmatched portability around the workspace.
The Dust One operates at 60 dB and is four times quieter than a typical shop vac. Easily work around the unit all day.