The Cyclonic Advantage

A cyclonic filter is the heart of every Dust One™. As air is drawn into the cyclone body, a vortex is formed. Forces within the vortex remove particles from the air stream and clean air is exhausted outside the workspace. The exhausted air meets OSHA standards by filtering over 99% of construction dusts down to 3-micron.

Cyclones have many advantages over traditional filter media. Here’s a few for you to consider.

  • No replacement filter means money and hassle saved.
  • No filter that clogs over time. Airflow will remain constant throughout the life of a cyclone.
  • No downtime waiting for consumable parts and no pesky error codes.
  • The inlet of a cyclone allows for a unique dust capture experience with better control – allowing the user to place the inlet where they need it most. Learn why this is so important in our special report — "Efficiency vs. Effectiveness".
  • Cyclones are a tried and true technology. They remove +99% of airborne dust and meet OSHA standards.


Want to learn more? Read our special report — “A New Spin On Dust Control”